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This week on our special holiday edition of Cache Rendezvous, you'll see how Christmas bells are made. We'll show you how to get out of a ticket, how to keep rock climbing in the winter and how beards are contributing to charity. We'll also show you what red-green colorblindness looks like, what volunteer firefighters are in need of and what Christmas lights in Preson look like this year.

Producer: Aimee Cobabe

Today's WORD on Journalism


Who Reads Books?

good reminder

“Well, I’ve worried some about, you know, why write books . . . why are we teaching people to write books when presidents and senators do not read them, and generals do not read them. It’s been the university experience that taught me that there is a very good  reason that you catch people before they become generals and presidents and so forth and you poison their minds with . . . humanity, and however you want to poison their minds, it’s presumably to encourage them to make a better world.”
—Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007), American author, in “A Talk with Kurt Vonnegut Jr.” by Robert Scholes in The Vonnegut Statement, 1973

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Aggie TV wins student Emmy

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