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Welcome To The Department

Thank you for visiting the Journalism and Communication Department website. I appreciate your interest in getting to know us.

We are a growing department with some exceptional people who are passionate about mass media and public relations. Our faculty are highly knowledgeable and remain active in the professions they teach.

We provide our students with innovative practices, techniques, and information about the ever-changing mass communication environment. While keeping abreast of the latest technological changes and methods in communication, we adhere to the high professional values that have led to the ethical, credible, and responsible use of the media that is so important in our democracy and the greater good for our society. This professionalism is a hallmark we expect from our graduates as they go through their careers in communication and related areas.

Communications occupations and careers are constantly evolving and expanding. Our challenge as a department is to ready our graduates for their first job and to provide them the knowledge to develop, progress, and transform their career as needed.

Our faculty are a superb mix of professionals and scholars with diverse backgrounds in mass communication and mass media. They bring a wide-ranging array of professional experiences to the classroom including working as: Public Relations Manager, Public Affairs Director, Television News Chief Photographer, Newspaper Publisher, Television Promotion Manager, Media Relations Manager, Newspaper Editor, Instructional Designer, State Legislator, Corporate Communications Manager, Advertising Creative, Television News Producer, Political Campaign Communication Coordinator.

Please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to provide you more information or discuss how the Journalism and Communication Department serves our students and the world outside USU.

Best wishes,

Kim Hixson

Kim Hixson, Department Head

Journalism and Communication