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A-TV News, January 25, 2017

This week on A-TV News, we'll show you how Logan could be the best chance for pets that need a home, and how new technology could help you with your family history. Also, Ben Nielson shows you how upcoming snow could effect the flood conditions. Kaylen Taylor gives you all the latest updates on our Aggie Sports.

Producer: Abbie Lewis

Today's WORD on Journalism

New American Dream

good reminder“If journalists and commentators let themselves be intimidated into silence; if Trump’s attacks on judges and civil servants lead them to back away from their commitment to the rule of law; if the FBI and Secret Service become tools of executive vengeance rather than impartial instruments of justice; if military leaders become too cowed to recall that their most fundamental duty is to the U.S. Constitution, not to Donald Trump. Well, then Trump will be right that America is no better than Putin’s Russia.” 

—Rosa Brooks, law professor, Georgetown University, “And Then the Breitbart Lynch Mob Came for Me,” Moyers and Co., Feb. 8, 2017.








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Wall Street Journal's social media guru discusses Trump election, media's futurePage Title

Wall Street Journal's social media guru discusses Trump election, media's futurePage Title

CalendarFebruary 08, 2017

UserChris Garff

It's now clear that we live in an era of fake news, troll tweets and email dumps. So what does that mean for media, our democracy and our future? On Monday, Feb. 27, Natalie Andrews, a Wall Street J...

Is an anti-sexual assault office's location preventing victims from reporting?

CalendarDecember 05, 2016


It’s a five-minute bus ride from the center of campus to Utah State University’s office for Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information. On foot, it might take 15 minutes. But for victims of sexu...

Aggie TV wins student Emmy

Aggie TV wins student Emmy

CalendarOctober 13, 2016


With only an airport carry-on and a garment bag for his suit, Utah State University journalism professor Brian Champagne spent this past Sunday morning in a Phoenix airport wondering how he was going ...

From 'polarizing' Palin to 'crooked' Hillary: Utah State speaker to discuss history of labeling women politicians

CalendarSeptember 29, 2016


The former political reporter, an assistant professor of journalism at South Dakota State University, will visit Utah State’s Logan campus on Monday, Oct. 3, as the third Morris Media & Society Lect...

JCOM Welcomes a New Department Head

CalendarJune 16, 2016


Kim Hixson was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His background consists of working in media, industry, government and education....

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