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In this week's edition of A-TV news... There's a new life-saving tactic cops and EMTs use that could help you in an emergency. Also, an organization is trying to change your mind about throwing all your food away. In sports, you'll see highlights from Utah State's game on Saturday, as well as shots of the tailgate before the game. The LOTOJA bike race race was here, and we'll show you the bikers perspective on it.

Producer: Nicole Heaps

Today's WORD on Journalism

good reminder

“I am alarmed at how much non-factual material is out there, how gleefully it’s generated, and how exciting it is to read and pass around.  

“I know everyone in this room is very familiar with all this but I just wanna say: I’m disturbed by how often when I’m out reporting, I find myself in conversations with people I like a lot. Lovely people, good people, who say things that are just not close to being true.

“That’s what I find most alarming about this moment we’re living through.”

—Ira Glasser, radio host, This American Life, in commencement speech to the Class of 2018 at Columbia Journalism School, June 2018.


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PRSSA Spring 2018 Field Trip


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A Highlight of JCOM 2180 Beginning Photojournalism.


Ethan Babcock, a senior studying public relations is highlighting what he learned in JCOM 2180 Beginning Photojournalism.


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