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A-TV News plans to help students find jobs


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December 3, 2013

by Dominic Bohne

All students hope for a career after graduation. The advisers of Utah State University’s student-run news television show, Aggie TV News, are helping students make this hope a reality.

On Tuesday, A-TV News advisers discussed upcoming plans and goals for their students and the station. The discussion took place in the computer lab inside the Agriculture Sciences Building on the university’s campus.

“To get students jobs,” said Christopher Garff, an A-TV News adviser and a professional practice instructor in the JCOM department at USU. “That’s our overall goal more than anything. That’s the bottom line.”

In the next six months, A-TV News plans to redesign the set where the broadcasts are filmed live every week. It also plans to implement a website where news stories can be accessible by students and citizens of Cache Valley.

“We try to reach to the community in Cache Valley,” Garff said. “We have somewhat re-branded it to Cache Valley News. I’d like to turn A-TV News into Northern Utah Bureau.”

“We've raised the bar,” said Brian Champagne, assistant professor and A-TV News adviser. “Students will see their peers getting jobs, even before they graduate.”

Champagne said he wants to see “total Aggie domination,” meaning every broadcast journalism student who graduates from USU will be in a professional newsroom.

“Everyone will know when you hire an Aggie, they know what they are doing,” Champagne said. “We will surprise employers.”

Broadcast journalism student Victoria Hepworth has started to see her skills improve as she continues to listen to the advisers’ advice.

“My storytelling is better,” Hepworth said. “I've become better at being a journalist. I just shot a story for Fox News. I've been working freelance for them already and I’m getting paid.”