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Intern Spotlight: Autumn Seeholzer


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August 17, 2015

Autumn Seeholzer, a student at Utah State University, has spent her summer at the Utah Olympic Park experiencing its zip-lines, rope courses, slides and ski jumps. All of these adventures have given her experience for her journalism major.

"To all the freshman, if you are struggling to find a major you want to graduate in, take a JCOM class," Seeholzer says. "The professors really do care about your future and the material they teach. The JCOM department will help you succeed in school and in life."

Seeholzer is a Journalism major with a PR emphasis. One of the most important parts of a degree is getting real-world experience; exactly what Seeholzer decided to do. With connections made through networking in USU's JCOM classes, Seeholzer was able to receive an internship at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City.

autumn seeholzer"During my time in Professor LaPlante's class, I wrote a couple of articles about the Alf Engen Ski Museum and made connections with the museum's Executive Director Connie Nelson," Seeholzer explains. "I spoke with her later about an internship and she helped me network with the Utah Olympic Park marketing department. Now I'm here as an intern."

Seeholzer says that her education at USU has prepared her well for her internship at the Park. Learning how to write press releases, write articles, blog posts and newsletters has been vital to her internship's success.

"I write blog posts, newsletters, press releases, take pictures and videos, help with events, help manage social media accounts and I even got to interview with Channel 2 News about the Park. Networking with people here and around Park City has been fun and engaging that could lead to opening doors down the road."

This experience has only helped Seeholzer prepare for a future career just as exciting as the adventures in Olympic Park. USU leads students to these opportunities so they can gain experience, giving them an edge over other candidates in the work field.

"The JCOM department will help you succeed in school and in life," Seeholzer says. "Great department, great material, and great experience."