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COMTalk With Professor Candi Carter Olson


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March 3, 2015



With Professor Candi Carter Olson

Held the fourth Wednesday of every month from 12 – 1 p.m. in the JCOM conference room, AGRS 310. Anyone is welcome, and occasionally baked goods are provided! 

COMTalk started because of students who wanted to further their interests in a wide variety of topics. These COMTalk is a place where all students and staff of the Journalism and Communication Department can come to discuss a broad variety of topics ranging from the latest political scandal to what is up and coming in the department.

These gatherings are judgment-free and a place to have a fun, engaging conversation with fellow students and faculty. The point is not to make everyone end up having the same views. Everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion, discuss it, have disagreements and still leave the room as friends.  The conversation usually starts in one place and ends in a totally different one.

Past COMTalks have covered several issues and topics ranging from scholarships and college funding, to crisis communication on a college campus in the wake of the Anita Sarkeesian death threats. (More info on that here: Needless to say, these discussion can be very interesting and they are a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge and socialize!


So come join us for these fun discussions and get to know your fellow students and professors!