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Department of Journalism and Communication CommStrong


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Department of Journalism and Communication CommStrong

April 13, 2015

Department of Journalism and Communication CommStrong
Each year, the Journalism and Communications Department at Utah State University hosts a crisis simulation event called CommStrong. This year, the event is Friday, April 17 in the Agricultural Sciences Building. It will begin at 4 p.m. and run until late into the night so that students will feel increased stress brought on by exhaustion.
Seth Merrill, CommStrong planning committee leader, said the event gives JCOM students real world experience.
“CommStrong is an all-day crisis simulation for people basically interested in communication careers,” Merrill said. “It gives students an opportunity to use their journalism skills in a real world situation without real world results and consequences.”
Merrill said the event teaches students through its highly stressful situations.  
“It gives them a chance to see how they respond to stressful situations,” Merrill said. “The stress is extremely high and for over the course of eight plus hours, so it’s a great learning tool.”
CommStrong is an extremely valuable networking tool for USU students.
“A lot of times we don’t realize that a lot of our classmates could be working with us at future companies,” Merrill said. “It gives them the opportunity to work as a team and connect with colleagues along with working with the professors. It’s really a great networking experience.”
Merrill encourages students to try out CommStrong this spring.
 “These simulations are designed to make them fail and it will be more than they can handle,” Merrill said. “But that happens a lot in the real world and this will give them invaluable experience on trial and error.”
Merrill said students won’t be disappointed in the event.
“This is the most fun extracurricular but coursework event that you will attend at Utah State,” Merrill said. “Every student that has done in in the past has noted it as one of the more valuable education experience they did at USU.”

Contact Seth Merrill at for information to sign up for CommStrong.