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Brian Champagne’s Top Tips for Budding Broadcast Journalists


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March 3, 2015

Brian Champagne’s Top Tips for Budding Broadcast Journalists 

Our leader and guide in the broadcast journalism program tells us his top tips for students coming into the broadcast program and for those who have graduated and are looking for their first job in the field. And with 22 years of experience in the biz, it’s best we listen up. Here are Brian’s top tips for Budding Broadcast Journalists: 

Understand the medium.

This isn’t like other types of journalism. We write to video and we have other constraints on what we can do. So, the better understanding you have of the medium, the better you can use it.

Have a thick skin.

Be ready to take criticism. It’s not personal; your work just stinks at the beginning.

Meet your deadlines now.

They will get nothing but harder and stricter as you go onto the elite workforce.

Stay broad, for now.

Don’t pick what you want to do in the field just yet, for two reasons:

1, it’s good to sample all aspects of the job first to then figure out what you want to do, and 2, you don’t know what tasks you’ll have to do in your first job, or first couple of jobs. An anchor in a tiny market might run the teleprompter with their foot while producing the show, and the more you know, the more useful you are.

Be ready to move for a job.

The more technical the job, the bigger the market you can start in. But especially if you want to be on air, be ready to move to a smaller market.