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JCOM 5320 Public Relations Agency Highlight


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cody penman
Cody Penman, a senior studying public relations is highlighting JCOM 5320 Public Relations Agency.

What is JCOM 5320?

“PR Agency is an awesome class to give real world experience. Steve is a great teacher and has had a lot of PR jobs throughout the country. We have real clients we get to work with and help their company grow.”

How can I get the most out of the class?

“The way for a student to get out of the class is to actually go. There are times when it is hard to go to class, but it is worth it. The brainstorming that happens in class really helps a lot. I am currently working with American West Heritage Center helping with the Baby Animal Days they put on every spring. Without the class, I would not have had this experience. By going to class and jumping in with a group and giving input, you are able to make friends and get a lot from the class.”

How will this class help me in the future?

“PR Agency is a complete resume builder. The groups in the class actually accomplish real world topics and are able to show real life results. I am able to put Baby Animal Days on my resume and that will help me get a job in the field I want to get into. It also builds connections. Even though I am doing baby animal days, we are also helping with Cache Valley Hospital. I have met and spoke with some of the board members from Mountain Star Hospital and also met members of the upper management team. Because I had those face to face experiences with them, I am more likely to get a job because they know who I am.”